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Guild Ventrilo is Up!

TheEnd, Jan 16, 12 1:06 PM.
Thanks to our officer, Mazze, we now have our own ventrilo server up! The server information is posted in the Members section of the forum. Hope to talk to you guys soon! 

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Vasudan, Dec 27, 11 1:18 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
Welcome to the site of the Dark Templars guild. We are based on server Sith Meditation Sphere. I started Dark Templars so people could join and find help doing heroics, flashpoints, quests, etc. When enough members are lvl 50 we will begin attemping end game operations. We are not a hardcore raiding guild. What I want for the guild are members who like to have fun playing the game but also get things done while they are online and have people to talk to without being trolled in general chat. 

Other things of note:
  •     We are allowing members to bring alts into the guild. With a guild capacity of 500 we can have alt characters in the guild so if you need help you can find it.
  •   RL does take precedence over the game. I'm not going to penalize anyone for not being online for a day or whatever. Maybe if its months or something unless otherwise informed of the situation. I just don't want truly nonactive members to sit around as members. 

If you are viewing our site looking for a guild and have read and agree with our ideals listed above I would encourage you to join us! We are currently openly recruiting all classes and levels as people are still leveling their mains to 50. 

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